PC Longplay [109] Dynomite

PC Longplay [109] Dynomite

PC Longplay [109] Dynomite

Played by: GeorgC3

INFO: Reupload (fixed Sound)

I decide to do a longplay of this interesting popcap game similar to Puzzle Bobble. There are a few videos of this game on YouTube. But I see no one on YouTube uploaded a playthrough of this game on Fossil Challenge Mode. However, uploaded a fossil challenge mode but only a picture-by-picture as a slideshow. So I recorded a longplay of this as a response to that video.

This game starts out very easy. As you progress the levels get much harder on increased size of fossil puzzles and new colored eggs are added to make the game more difficult. I chose the strategic mode as it seems the easiest for mode. Panic mode didn’t work out for me. The levels are easier but the levels go by really fast making it very hard to advance to the next level. I couldn’t get through the panic so I chose the strategic mode where it’s slower and calmer. But a lot of strategy is involved since you have limited time to aim your shots right or will take longer to move to the next level if you aim your shots wrong.

This game can get pretty fustrating as it almost eaten my mouse being outraged. Entire gameplay is recorded with fraps and serious editing is done with virtual dub as I did so many retries. The game will not automatically save for you. You must manually save or you will start from the beginning again if you lost and played the fossil challenge mode again. But I so glad I completed it I will never play that fossil challenge mode again. Try the game before you buy. If you don’t want to play a game the fustrates you so bad, then the fossil challenge mode is not where you want to go. But any interested in learning about dinosaurs and their fossils, then I recommend checking out the fossil challenge mode.

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